Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, August 21, 2017

AHCC Food Pantry



Our Mission Statement:

We strive to provide food for anyone who walks through our doors. Each is welcomed with a smile and treated with dignity and respect. We do not pretend to solve the problem of hunger in our society, but we can make today a bit more tolerable for those in our midst who are hungry. 


 ~AHCC Food Pantry Blog  7.2017~
     Did you know that there is a new Food Bank in town? Recently, the New Braunfels Food Bank opened, a new distribution facility to help the San Antonio Food Bank, which services not only Bexar County but Comal County as well.
     According to the latest U.S. Census, Comal County is the seventh-fastest growing county in the country, and with that growth comes needs. Having another facility helps to make sure feeding families is need is a smooth operation.
     "You know, it's neighbors serving neighbors," Donna Eccleston, Comal County Commissioner Precinct 1, said.
     In their recent newsletter, the New Braunfels Food Bank featured The Kitchen Table, a client choice program of the New Braunfels Food Bank created to provide a variety of services with one goal in mind – to fight hunger!
     With their first funding award, The Kitchen Table launched its programming throughout Comal County with a focus on bringing nutritious meals to children who struggle with hunger while they are out of school, including: dinner time, over the weekends, during holidays and over the course of summer break.
     Remember the AHCC Food Pantry Mission Statement: “We strive to provide food for anyone who walks through our doors. Each is welcomed with a smile and treated with dignity and respect. We do not pretend to solve the problem of hunger in our society, but we can make today a bit more tolerable for those in our midst who are hungry.”
     We meet our mission through support from our church, our volunteers, our corporate sponsors and from various other groups. Of course, all this food processing and distribution is hard work, and we do this ministry with a liberal dose of prayer and thanksgiving to God for His Love and Kindness to all of use. Noble? Yes! Hard work? Of Course! Impossible? Not with God’s Blessings!!!
We want to take this opportunity to give an annual report regarding AHCC Food Pantry.
The statistics for 2016 are as follows:
• 100 family units fed per month
• 475 individuals fed per month
• 12,648 Volunteer Hours
• 12 Regular Volunteers + 8 additional during Summer Months
• 277,883 pounds of Food items distributed for an average of 232 pounds per family /37 pounds per individual per month.
• S.A. Food Bank would like for us to give 40-45 pounds of food to each individual per visit.

Please Note: On the average most individuals eat 37 pounds of Food per week. That means with AHCC feeding those individuals once per month, what do they do the remaining part of the month? Do they just stretch what they are given to last a month? These are individuals who do not meet the requirements for Food Stamps yet do not have enough money for food.