Alamo Heights Christian Church
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Note from the Deacon’s Corner

Encouragement for Discouraged Deacons Perhaps because life is so daily and the rhythm of life in Christ’s church requires so much energy, we who serve sometimes lose our way. It is easy to become discouraged by the demands of the ministry as a deacon and want to give up. We feel overwhelmed by the needs and the requests on our time and psyche and give in to the anxieties and urgencies that finally sink us. When you are seriously thinking seriously of bailing out on your deaconing work, I invite you to keep in mind four ways that deacons can contribute to a solution. The fist way is to keep our lives focused and centered on Christ. We do this by actually practicing our faith. We practice our faith by practicing the basic spiritual disciplines. No substitute exists for daily scripture meditation, singing our faith, Sabbath rest, living out God’s forgiving and reconciling power, hospitality, intercession, and generosity. The second way a deacon contributes is by stepping up into those awkward moments of transcendent hesitation that occur in every church. Moments of conflict will occur and can lead to healthy growth. However, almost every deacon will eventually have a “baptism by fire” moment. The third way a deacon can contribute relates back to one of the most critical of the practices previously mentioned, generating a spirit of generosity. This happens when God’s people witness the connection between what we as deacons affirm verbally and the generosity of our lives in giving time, talent, and treasure. No congregation can ever rise any higher than we are willing to lead them. The fourth way a deacon can contribute to the well-being of Christ’s body is by being a ministering spirit. Deacons can ably attend in so many wares as to keep a congregation healthy. These include Attitude, Boundaries, Congregational Care, Directing Energies, Example, Followership, Greeting, healing, Intercession, Mentoring, and Kindness just to name a few. The Greek word is diskoneo, which has a range of meanings from “to serve as an attendant,” “to wait upon (menially),” or “to minister as a host,” in other words to act as a deacon! Deacons, what an astonishing honor is yours, to “deacon” the servants of Christ as the angels “deaconed” Jesus!

In His Service