Alamo Heights Christian Church
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

From the Board of Elders

From the Chair of the Elders
                  By Linda Hawkins


Summer is almost over and fall will be moving in. Yes, even in South Texas. Children will be back in school and super busy with all of the school events. Us “old folks” still have doctors’ appointments to make and to go to. Does it seem like that is our “social life” now? Regardless of our “age”, life goes on. We all have good days and bad days. We all have problems. No one is exempt from problems. Some more than others and some have tragic events in their lives, but, overall, we all have difficult situations occur in our lifetime. What do you do when that happens? I suspect that you do the same as I do – go to God. Sometimes I wonder if He gets sick and tired of hearing from me. One of the tools I use is a daily devotional book. I have found many wonderful devotional books over the years of my prayer times. You see that I said “times” and not time. Yes, I pray a lot every day. I imagine you do also. I find that if I read the corresponding day each morning in my book and then pray, I hopefully become aware of something new or I will think of some additional topic to discuss with Him. The devotion is also an added source of strength. Some days we need that extra strength and encouragement. Therefore, may I suggest that if you do not have a daily devotional book, you might want to find one. I happen to be using “Jesus Calling” right now. This little book seems to hone in on just what I need to hear on any particular day. I have other friends that have said the same thing. However, there are many other wonderful devotional books. Prayer time is such a wonderful opportunity to communicate with God. It is such a joy to spend that time each day with Him. Prayer time in the morning hours begins the day with that “special time with God” and sets the tone for the entire day. Beginning in September, the Elders will begin reading and discussing the book “The Battle Plan for Prayer”. I am excited to experience what this will bring to each one of the Elders. Wishing each one of you a loving and rich prayerful September.

God Bless you.

Linda Hawkins, Chair of Elder