Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, August 21, 2017

From the Board of Elders

From the Chair of the Elders
                  By Jody Warren

Recently, Clint, one of my grandsons, asked me what I did in our church. I reminded him about the AHCC Food Pantry, and our worship service and that I was Chair of the Elder Board. When I mentioned “Elder,” he said with a smile that was a good job for me because I was becoming elderly, according to his learning at school.
     I took some time to explain what Elders do in churches as leaders and teachers and as people who visit the sick and comfort the sad. After talking with Clint, I did some more reading. I found a brief message from Montwood Church of Christ, which I want to share:

“The Elders of Montwood know that studying the Bible is vital. The Bible instructs us intellectually, and guides us spiritually. We believe that the Bible represents God's Word to us; the Bible is alive and relevant in our lives today. We know that God loves us and wants to abide with us always! Through scriptural studies we CAN know what God's Word says, and through this knowledge we can better understand God's Will in our lives; learning the Bible's truths is an incredible, life-long journey.”

     Quite a statement, isn’t it? In my mind, The Montwood Eldership puts a premium on the fresh study of the scripture that emphasizes life changes and devotion to God. As one elder said: “Character, integrity, and respect are just a few values that learning God's Word can help restore, but first...we must learn what God’s Word says!” 

All of us have been reading the Bible at one time or another. Some folks stick with familiar scriptures (think Psalm 23, for example) which warm their hearts. If we as Elders are not teaching the Gospel and living the Gospel, then we need to change course and take on the job for AHCC which Jesus has given to us.

The command to “Go and make disciples” belongs to each of us, as noted in the Gospel of Matthew. I want AHCC to be known as a family of Jesus-followers, passionately committed to pursuing the mission Christ gave to his people.