Alamo Heights Christian Church
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

For Your Information

I have been getting a lot of robo-calls lately where the voice on the other end of the line tells me that I am about to be sued by the IRS and that I should call the number provided. I called one time and got a “special agent” who sounded like an Indian from a call center and I hung up on him immediately. No doubt he would have asked me for my social security number. I called the FBI and was told that I could report the call on the U.S. Treasury website, which I did. There was a tab on the website specifically for that where they asked 3 for my name, address, and phone number, how much money I had been scammed for, and a phone number that I had been given. I have been called several times since from different phone numbers and reported it each time. THE IRS WILL NEVER TAKE YOU TO COURT TO SUE YOU FOR BACK TAXES. The IRS will always notify you by mail that you have a tax issue or they will audit you and tell you that you owe taxes. You will receive many letters of taxes due and have many opportunities to pay taxes you owe. If you owe taxes over an extended period of time, they will freeze your bank account and take the money. They don’t have to take you to court. It you ever end up in tax court it will likely be YOU suing THEM. I have given Sarah an article from Consumer Reports to copy and put in the back of the church about scams that are pulled on the elderly. Please pick up a copy of the article and take it home and read it. DO NOT EVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Do NOT send anyone money ever, especially if they ask you to keep it a secret. No legitimate enterprise will ask you to keep a secret. If you have any questions, please call me, an accountant, your banker, or an attorney before transferring money.
Stephanie Blandford, AHCC Board Chair