Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, January 22, 2018

For Your Information

 Updates regarding Alamo Heights Christian Church from the Building & Grounds Committee
The church has been given a gift of painting the West Foyer and 2 – Hallways from a contractor that attends Heights Community Church. When you come to church on Sundays or during Vacation Bible School be sure to notice the nice job that they have done.
The bathrooms in the West Foyer, Parlor and down stairs off Kirtley Hall have all been refurbished to include updates for today’s standards. We have installed motion lights, towel dispensers, baby changing areas (in the West Foyer men’s & women’s bathrooms), and painted all bathrooms.
The chancel area behind the main Sanctuary has had motion sensor lights installed, steps on the left side by the organ have been made the correct height and have been painted so everyone can see their way up and down the stairs safely. The benches in the East foyer have been refurbished so sitting on them will be safer. We have also refurbished the furniture in the Parlor. In addition, new lighting and tables have been added. Blinds on the windows to help with heating and air conditioning costs for the parlor.
Some of the above have been done due to donations given specifically for this reason. The needs of the church can be overwhelming, but having the ability to do as funds are available has been a blessing. We have an obligation to keep this building and it grounds up to date to keep electricity, water, gas, and insurance costs down. This has been the main goal of your Building & Grounds Committee. Please make a point of looking at the above improvements when you are at church on Sunday. The pictures below do not do justice to the areas mentioned above. The pictures do not do the improvements justice - come to church to see for yourself! West Foyer and Hallway leading to the Sanctuary – both areas painted with same color (believe or not). Women’s Restroom in West Foyer (Left) the stairs to the left of the Organ in the front of the Sanctuary