Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, January 22, 2018

Membership & Fellowship


Be sure to mark your Calendars for our next QUARTERLY Birthday/Anniversary Celebration on a Sunday, in September, 2017. It may be celebrated with Grandparents Sunday. You will want to celebrate the

Grandparents Sunday in addition to the Birthdays and Anniversaries of July, August & September. Do you recognize those who celebrated their birthdays during this past month?

If you have been attending church during the month of June, you would have seen their names on the back of the Church Bulletin.


Several of AHCC members have moved and have new addresses.

1. Charlotte Barnes 13731 Stoney Hill San Antonio, TX 78231 Phone: 210-973-6890
                 Nap time is between 1:00pm – 3:00 pm

2. Phyllis Jenks Acuity Hospital 718 Lexington Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212

3. Barbara Stuart 17126 Ashbury Lodge San Antonio, TX 78247

4. Brenda Sinclair 283 Cobina San Antonio, TX 78218

5. Rev. Grace E. Scruggs Brookdale Oakwell 3360 Oakwell Ct. # 418 ,  Antonio, TX 78218

6. Charlotte Lewis Argent Court Atascosa County 1951 Highway 97 East Jourdanton, TX                                                                                    78026


As you can see, it is important for the church office to receive changes in your address. Especially when the events of this past week (Hurricane Harvey), the church needs to know if our members might be asking for help. We ask everyone to let the church office know when you move