Alamo Heights Christian Church
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Membership & Fellowship

As the school year begins to come to a close, the majority of the Youth of Alamo Heights Christian Church are looking forward to the Summer months. This includes: Summer Camps of all sorts. This means the church camps will be in competition with Band, Orchestra, FFA, not to mention VACATIONS.
The first of our Youth to sign up for Church Camp this Summer are the following:
CYF – Faith Warren-Brown
Junior Camp – Hope Brown
Junior Camp – Grace Brown
Beginner’s Camp – Hunter Brown
Beginner’s Camp – Clint Terry

As you can see we have several of our youth, who have made the commitment to go to Church Camp this Summer. Hunter did not want to be the only “boy” going to Church Camp at the same time as his sisters, so he decided to ask his cousin to go to Church Camp with him. Now, if you ask yourself, I am sure that you have seen him during the Summer, during VBS, and several times during the year. His personal tithing is to our Food Pantry. What a better way to say you are doing the right thing than to sponsor him going to Church Camp!

The Fiesta Medals worn by AHCC Food Pantry Volunteers were in support of those corporate sponsors who give us weekly donations and the San Antonio Food Bank. We average 4 to 5 thousand pounds of FREE Food monthly for AHCC Food Pantry. It also keeps the cost of the Food purchased from the San Antonio Food Bank to less than 30 cents per pound of food. This includes canned goods, but also perishable items we store in the Food Pantry Refrigerators and Freezers. Our Volunteers work as few as 20 hours per week to 32 hours per week making AHCC Food Pantry happen on a weekly basis. Without the support of man hours from our Volunteers there would be NO AHCC Food Pantry! 




   Anniversaries for April 2017
I am sure that everyone will recognize those who celebrated their Anniversaries during April, 2017. However, I do not have pictures of either couple. It seems they are as camera shy as the kids. Alan & Barbara Perkins celebrated their 34th Anniversary on April 9th and Rev. Ed & Jeanine Palow celebrated their 40th Anniversary on April 16th, both couples will have their pictures in next month’s Newsletter. Birthdays for April 2017 Do you recognize those who celebrated their birthdays during this past month? If you have been attending church during the month of April, you would have seen their names on the back of the Church Bulletin.

Melinda Harden and Clarence Balser celebrated their individual birthdays during the month of April 2017


Easter Morning Potluck Breakfast was very successful. There was plenty to eat for everyone. If you missed it. Be sure to mark your Calendars for our next QUARTERLY Birthday/Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, June 4, 2017. It will be the Birthday of the Church – Pentecost Sunday. You will want to celebrate the church’s birthday in addition to the Birthdays and Anniversaries of April, May, and June.