Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, January 22, 2018

Membership & Fellowship

         Sunday, September 13, 2015
                    “Grandparents Day”.
 At Alamo Heights Christian Church we have celebrated the special day by having a luncheon to honor our members who are grandparents and those who the children of the church have adopted surrogate grandparents or special friends. The membership committee will be furnishing the meat, bread and the usual Coffee, Iced Tea, Lemonade and Water for this potluck luncheon. You as an attendee need to provide a dish to share with your church family and friends. The dish does not have to be one that is homemade, but rather one that has been brought to be shares with everyone attending. The children have been requesting ice cream Sundays, Cookies and Brownies just to name a few. Liz Jones’ makes an outstanding “Texas Sheet Cake”. These are just a few of the items being mentioned for this Sunday’s Celebration. Just because you are not an “OFFICIAL” Grandparent or Special Friend everyone who attends Alamo Heights Christian Church is invited to come to the luncheon. Your entry ticket is a dish to share with your friends. See Sarah Warren or Barbara Stuart if you have any questions regarding this event. AHCC celebrates Birthdays and Anniversaries once a month. The celebrants have their picture taken so we know who they are and how much they have changed. The picture gallery begins below – the membership of AHCC seems to withstand the sands of time!


                              Birthdays for August


          Bob Monaghan, Laura Richmond, Brenda Sinclair, and Dr. Roy Tucker celebrated their
                                   birthdays during the month of August. 


Zoe and Zander White celebrated their birthday during August.


During the month of July our Interim Transitional Minister, Dr. Stephen Lucas celebrated his Birthday. 





Virginia “Ginny” Laughlin, Lyn Joseph and Jill Laughlin wish to extend their personal thanks to all the AHCC Members who helped with the Reception in memory of Claude Laughlin. We really appreciate the AHCC Love which was shared with the friends and family on this occasion.
May God bless each of you, Ginny, Lyn & Jil