Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, August 21, 2017

For Your Information

 Updates from around the building and grounds of Alamo Heights Christian Church:
It was previously reported that we had damaged to our roof during the Hail Storm of 2016. We had the roof repaired and brought to the standards for today. This should give us better ways to control our Electricity and Gas Costs. If you look closely you can also see the new roof on the Primrose house. The colors did not change nor did the type of roof. Just newer and up to today’s standards.
Because of safety issues, the back-parking lot lights as well as the rest of the outside lights are in the process of being updated. See the picture below of the parking lights at night. The pictures do not do the lights justice. You would have to come by the church after 6:30 pm to see them in action.
Next month there will be pictures and news regarding the men’s & ladies’ bathrooms, the safety lights and rails in the areas behind the Sanctuary. We have added baby changing tables in the West Foyer bathrooms, hand-rails and handicap height toilet in the Parlor bathroom.
These are just a few of the maintenance items the Building & Grounds committee have been working on through this first 6 months of 2017. The insurance company as well as the Alamo Heights Police & Fire Departments have given us guidance regarding safety issues for our church building. Please watch for these and other updates as we have them completed.