Alamo Heights Christian Church
Monday, August 21, 2017

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Be sure to mark your Calendars for our next QUARTERLY Birthday/Anniversary Celebration on a Sunday, in September, 2017. It may be celebrated with Grandparents Sunday. You will want to celebrate the Grandparents Sunday in addition to the Birthdays and Anniversaries of July, August & September.


Anniversaries for June 2017

Anniversary for June 2017 Joe & Stephanie Blandford celebrated their Anniversary on
                         June 30, 2017

Bob & Liz Jones celebrated their Anniversary on June 28, 2017 

Birthdays for June 2017
   Those who celebrated their birthdays during this past month? If you have been attending church during the month of June, you would have seen their names on the back of the Church Bulletin.
Eric Brown, Charlotte Cook and Sharon Tucker celebrated their Birthdays during the month of June